Auto Repair Services in Elmer, NJ

  • Foam Fill in Elmer, NJ

    Even in the most hazardous environments, tires filled with TyrFil can never go flat. Our tire fill product allows equipment to operate over broken glass, nails, sharp metal, rocks, etc. TyrFil's durability has been proven in thousands of demanding applications including construction, mining, municipality, waste, and rental equipment. Despite cuts and punctures, TyrFil will keep your tires rolling, increasing productivity and eliminating downtime. Contact us today. 

  • Tire Balancing in Elmer, NJ

    Tire Balancing must be performed every 4,000 - 6,000 miles for the life of your tires. Fred Harz and Son offers quality, affordable Tire Balancing in Elmer, NJ at Fred Harz and Son.

  • Tire Installation in Elmer, NJ

    The life expectancy of a tire depends on road conditions, driving habits, use, and tire. Tires must be replaced at the very least every 6 years. Fred Harz and Son offers quality affordable Tire Installation in Elmer, NJ.

  • Tire Repair in Elmer, NJ

    Flat Tires can allow the rim of the wheel to relax on the tire tread or on the ground, potentially create a blowout or a loss of control of the car or irreparable damage to the tire. Fred Harz and Son do quick high quality flat tire repair. Come see us for your next flat tire repair in Elmer, NJ!

  • Tire Rotation in Elmer, NJ

    Proper Tire Rotation helps promote even wear to your tires, extending their life, and improving safety. Fred Harz and Son offers quality affordable Tire Rotation in Elmer, NJ